Heritage Resources

Staandards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada

Here is video dealing with the history insane asylum in Buffalo New York as well as the ambitious restoration project.

The Website for the Richardson Olmsted Complex also has many pictures and informaton.  Just copy the link and paste it in the search tab of your browser.


The following article deals with the operation of asylums across the province in 1880 four years before Century Manor was built. Sessional_Papers_Legislature_of_the_Prov

Organizations interested in safeguarding our Heritage Buildings:




This is a great link for learning about Ontario Architecture:


Register of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest and the City’s Heritage Inventory(PED08053) (City Wide):
Annual Conference May 29 – June 1, 2013 held in Edmonton, Alberta by The
Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada.  Publication that came from the conference in .pdf format.
Publication of the CHMC dealing with adaptive reuse of buildings:
Photo of latest edition of The National Trust for Canada (formerly called Heritage Canada Foundation):
The National Trust for Canada current issue



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