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I am a court interpreter and professional translator. I am very interested in preserved and promoting our our built heritage.

Ancoats Dispensary is saved after mystery donor stumps up last-minute £28,000

Ancoats Dispensary Manchester. 5wpd

Here is the link to the website for Ancoats Dispensary


and the website reporting the mystery donor saving the Ancoats Dispensary at the last minute:


savecenturymanor2 website is now up and running.

Hi everyone.  The website for the Century Manor Task Force 2 is now up and running..  It is a site for those interested in saving Century Manor, formely know as East House. It was  built by Kivas Tully and is located just behind St. Joseph’s Juravinksy Hospital located at Fennell and West Fifth. I am always happy to accept any suggestions which will help make this site more interesting and informative.  We will keep everyone aware of our efforts to save Century Manor. Feel free to post any pictures you have that you would like me to add to the Photo Gallery.  Credit will be given. Please send only photos that you have taken. If you have any information that you wish to share, you can contact us by clicking on the blog.

Thanks, your webmaster Bill.